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Welcome to Derby Athletic ClubMoorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY Correspondence to: 6 Atchison Gardens, Chaddesden, Derby, DE21 6UH

Club News


20Dec16 – Sad News  – the planned Christmas Party this Thursday has been (reluctantly) postponed until the New Year

Watch this space for more information about when it will happen!!


02Nov16 – Notts AC Annual Christmas Relays – Tuesday 27th December at the Harvey Hadden Stadium, Nottingham.

Message from Kirsty Marshall at Notts AC:

“We have a new venue and therefore a new course. It will be held on Tuesday 27th December at Harvey Hadden Stadium. The map will be available in the next couple of weeks, but the Relays will start and finish on the track, and take a route out of the stadium into the local scenic grounds. The course will mainly be on tarmac paths, but will also include some grass and, of course, the stadium track.

We had a record 100 teams last year, so we’re hoping to beat that this year!

You can view the full details and enter online at or  

If you have any queries, please email me at or you can call the office on 0115 985 4289.

We hope to see you this year.

Kind regards

Kirsty Marshall

Notts AC”

To enter this event by post, please print off and complete this entry form  christmas_relays_entry_form_2016 and return it to Kirsty



10Sep16 – Stuck for cash at renewal time?  CLICK HERE for something that might just be of interest to you. We know some of you have been hoping for something like this for a while


02Sep16 – Derby Athletic Club Extraordinary General Meeting, scheduled for 22Sep16 – CLICK HERE for full convening notice as placed in the Club calendar


17Aug16 – Well, we’re finally up and running (pun intended) with our new website, and this is the place you’ll find anything newsworthy about the Club.

So, for our first bit of gossip, we’re delighted to announce that we have introduced Biometric scanning for everyone coming to train on Club Nights.  It’s enormously important that we know who is on site at any given time for a number of reasons:

  1. Safety – in the unlikely event of some form of emergency, we are able to determine who is (or isn’t) at the club very quickly indeed
  2. CASC (Community Amateur Sports Clubs) membership qualification.  The Club benefits from this membership and in order to continue as part of the organisation, we must be able to demonstrate that we have 50% of our membership active at the Club – the Biometric system will enable us to do that brilliantly
  3. To assist us in being able to ensure that our Members are encouraged to participate in training as much as possible.  We can contact those who are at the Club a great deal in order to find out if they have a specialisation they wish to concentrate on instead of general training, for example

The scanner for your paw prints is located by the internal office window as you come into the Club Room.  You’ll simply press your grubby digit against the scanner and, well, that’s it, we know you’re here.  If you have not had your grubby digit set up on the system, then please get in touch with Mark on a Club Night and he’ll get it sorted for you.

Obviously, there need to be a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to using the system


always “tap in” when you arrive at the Club.

“tap out” when you leave, so we know you’ve gone home (always useful in an emergency)


Hang around in the corridor where the scanner is located, people need to move in and out of the building

do anything other than “tap in” or “tap out”

spill sticky drinks or similar onto the scanner!!!

try and scan anything other than one of the two digits saved to the system when you were set up, it WILL NOT RECOGNISE YOUR NOSE PRINT!