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2016/17 Junior Road and Cross Country Report

22016/17 Junior Road and Cross Country Report – 14th March 2017

It has been a long hard Road/XC season starting out way back in early September, competing in the Northern Area Road relays in Manchester and the close of the winter season with some of our Juniors representing Derbyshire at UK Inter-counties Cross Country Championships and for the Derbyshire in the prestigious English Schools Cross Country Championships in Norwich this Saturday. What has been so impressive is the big increase in competing juniors over the course of the winter compared to recent seasons, and remained high throughout the cold winter months which is testament to the our juniors commitment to compete and be successful.

  • Northern Road Relays – 30 plus Juniors
  • National Road Relays – 35 plus Juniors
  • Northern Cross Country Relays – 30 plus Juniors
  • National Cross Country Relays – 40 plus Juniors
  • Mini Derbyshire – averaged 25 Juniors per race
  • North Midlands Cross Country – averaged 38 Juniors
  • Northern Cross Country Championships – 35 Juniors
  • National Championships – 40+ Juniors

For me personally looking out from our Club Tent and our club flag waving high what a great sight seeing so many competing Derby AC vests across all the Junior age groups. Just to put this into perspective it was only a couple seasons ago ‘my first season back with this club’ there was only one or two in each Junior XC races.

Summary Key Performances

Northern Road Relay Championships: Under 13 Boys 5th Team, Under 15 Boys 4th Team. Fastest Individuals;

  • Jasmine Cooper 2nd U17 Women
  • Molly Hudson 5th U15 Girl
  • Jack Davies 7th U13 Boy
  • Ethan Barr/Jake Martin = 10th U15 Boy

National Road Relay Championships: U13 Boys 7th Team, Under 15 Boys 6th Team.

Northern Cross Country Relay Championships: Under 13 Boys 8th team, Under 15 Boys 3rd team. Fastest Individuals;

  • Thomas Wright 6th Under 15 Boy

National Cross Country Relay Championships: Under 15 Boys 11th team. Fastest Individuals;

  • Molly Hudson 3rd Under 15 Girl
  • Jake Martin 7th Under 15 Boy

Mini Derbyshire Cross Country League: Overall Winners (First Time since 2010). Best overall individual performers;

  • 1st Valentina Costa Under 13 Girls (won all three races)
  • 1st Corey Rose Under 13 Boys
  • 2nd James Rouse Under 11 Boy

North Midlands Cross Country League: Team Winners Under 11 Girls, Under 13 & 15 Boys. Best overall individual performers;

  • 2nd Jack Davies Under 13 Boys
  • 3rd Sonny Jamieson Under 13 Boys
  • 2nd Valentina Costa Under 13 Girls
  • 1st Thomas Wright Under 15 Boys
  • 3rd Jake Martin Under 15 Boys
  • Ist Luke Ward Under 17 Men

Derbyshire Cross Country Championships: Under 11 Boys winners, Under 13 Girls Winners, Under 13 Boys Winners, Under 15 Girls Winners and Under 15 Boys Winners. Note: DAC had 19 Juniors qualify for the UK Cross Country Champs

Northern Cross Country Championships: 2nd Under 13 Boys Team. Best individual performers;

  • Molly Hudson 10th Under 15 Girls
  • Jasmine Cooper 6th under 17 women
  • Jack Davies 17th under 13 boys

National Cross Country Championships: 5th Under 13 Boys (first Northern Team), 6th Under 15 Boys (2nd Northern Team). Best Individual performers;

  • Jack Davies 21st Under 13 boys
  • Molly Hudson 25th Under 15 girls

UK Inter-counties Cross Country Championships: Best Individual performers;

  • Sonny Jamieson 30th Under 13 Boy
  • Jack Davies 60th Under 13 Boy
  • Molly Hudson 32nd Under 15 girls
  • Ethan Barr 66th Under 15 Boy


Closing comments

It has been a great pleasure working with our juniors this year and their commitment throughout the season has been amazing (Really) and has been thoroughly rewarded with honours at every competition this season. Every single DAC junior has raised the profile of this great club. There is a healthy positive atmosphere around us (Parents/Friends) and if we nurture this, I’m sure our successes will only continue into the coming track season and beyond.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and friends who have continued to support and help this season, it really makes my life a lot easier in organising up to and on race days and this enables me to enjoy race day as well. Thank You, I can’t wait for next season.

One final point we are always looking for volunteers in any capacity, it may even be something we don’t know about, please come forward. The more helpers we get the better it is for the club.

Paul Martin