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Welcome to Derby Athletic Club

Club Committee Meetings

While we appreciate that most of our Members are interested only in getting themselves out onto the track or into their respective throwing or jumping area, there’s often something going on in the background where the Club Committee are concerned

The Committee meets on the evening of the first Monday of each month and will deal with all manner of stuff concerning the club and its future

This page will contain all Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes from the September 2016 meeting onwards.  Any previous meeting records are held on file in hard copy (please ask at the Club Office if you wish to peruse any of them)

Please be aware that Meeting Minutes from the current month will not be displayed on this page until such time as they have been ratified and accepted at the subsequent Committee Meeting, so effectively, they’ll appear to be one month behind!


May 2017

Comm Outcomes 17.05

April 2017

Comm Outcomes 17.04

March 2017

Comm Outcomes 17.03

February 2017

Comm Outcomes 17.02

January 2017

Comm Outcomes 01. 17

December 2016

Comm Outcomes 05.12.16

November 2016


October 2016


September 2016