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Welcome to Derby Athletic ClubMoorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY Correspondence to: 6 Atchison Gardens, Chaddesden, Derby, DE21 6UH

Welcome to Derby Athletic Club’s website

Volunteer to help your Club

The Club is keen to increase its number of Volunteers to improve the efficiency of the Club and reduce the workload of those who are already volunteering. There are many different volunteer roles which need filling and there are many in the Club who would have the necessary skills to fulfill those roles. If you would like to help in any role, please contact any committee member.


Annual General Meeting

“2019 – A Year of Volunteers”

 In accordance with the Constitution notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the above Club will be held on Tuesday 12th March 2019 at 7:30pm in the Club Room at Moorways Stadium Derby.  Nominations for officers will be accepted in writing up to 7:30pm.  Note that the person being nominated must have signed the nomination to indicate their willingness to stand for office and be a current fully paid-up member.

Please note also that only current fully paid up members are allowed to vote at this AGM.

The Derby AC Committee & Volunteer Role Descriptions are available here which anyone is advised to read before allowing their nomination to be carried forward. Please be aware that there is a very important Office being vacated, i.e. Catering Officer, and it is proposed to appoint an additional Committee Officer – Press Officer – for which the Club seeks a volunteers.

Motions for discussion should be sent in writing or, email to the Club Chair, Barry Parker, by Tuesday 26th February 2019.

Notice is also given that membership subscriptions are due each year, in advance, on or before 1st April.  Payments received after 8:00pm on Tuesday 30th April will be subject to a late payment levy except for voluntary helpers.  No-one should be using the Clubroom, the training facilities, being coached, competing as a member of a Club team or, competing in open races as a member of Derby Athletic Club, unless they are current, fully paid up members. All competing members must have paid their England Athletics Registration Fee of £15 to be able to enter any competition with a UKA Permit.


Northern Cross Country Championships Results

Derby AC athlete results can be found here


DAC Selection Policy

Our ‘Selection Policy’ can now be found in the policy section of our website.


Membership Renewals 2019

In our most recent committee meeting we discussed split payments for membership and how this can be implemented. After some discussion, we came to the decision that due to fees needing to be fully paid by the last training night in April we would start taking subscriptions from the first training night of February. This means payments can be made across the month of February, March & April either in full or over 3 installments.

Failure to be fully paid by the last training night in April will result in losing all privileges of being a Derby Athletic Club member (use of track, clubroom and competing for Derby AC in any league or open competition).

Due to inflation of track fees and an additional affiliation fee to Northern Athletics the committee has proposed an increase in membership fees for the AGM to take place in March 2019:

  • Under 11 – £96
  • Under 13 → Masters – £126 + £15 EA Registration
  • Away Membership (over 30miles away from Moorways) – £63 + £15 EA Registration
  • Second Claim – £126
  • Family (living in same household) – £260 + £15 EA Registration per Athlete
  • Regular Volunteer – £15

Each membership fee will increase by £20 in the event of not being fully paid by the last training night of April.

Please return a Renewals Form and payment to the membership desk on a Tuesday or Thursday evening before the end of April.

If you do have any queries about membership please do contact the membership officer or your coach.