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FAQs – frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some questions that athletes or their parents and guardians often ask. If there are others that you think would be helpful to include here, please contact

How much does it cost to join Derby Athletic Club or renew my membership?

Is there a weekly charge?

  • There is no weekly charge for athletes to train at Moorways, as our membership fee covers athletes for training sessions several times a week as well as competing for the club in a range of competitions throughout the year.

What should I wear to training?

  • Athletes should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely when they run, jump and throw. New athletes are welcome to attend in T-shirts, joggers, shorts, and trainers that they are likely already to own, rather than needing to buy special kit at the outset. As an athlete progresses in the sport, they may wish to wear specific athletics training kit, but this is not essential. Kit in club colours, including DAC hoodies and T-shirts, is available to buy. Please be aware that training at Moorways is outside and not under cover, even in the winter. We train in most weather and through the whole year, so please make sure you bring, or your child brings, warm clothing to put on as needed and a waterproof as well in poorer weather.

Do I need specialist running shoes or spikes?

  • Athletes, especially when they are starting in the sport, are welcome to wear ordinary running trainers to train and compete. As they progress, they may wish to buy specialist shoes, which could include track or cross-country spikes or specialist throwing shoes. Please ask your coach for advice as they can suggest which shoes may be most useful.

Is there any food and drink available? 

  • Refreshments, including snacks and hot and cold drinks, are on sale in the DAC clubhouse. Athletes are encouraged to have a drink with them when they are training.

What do I need to know about track etiquette?

  • All athletes using the DAC track and field areas need to be aware of others who may be using the space. For reasons of health and safety, please respect other track users of all ages. During training sessions, runners should always run the same way round the track – anti-clockwise towards the finish line. Please do not run wearing headphones or use your mobile phone while running, as track users need to be aware of other runners at all times. All track users and volunteers should take care when crossing the track and be aware of anyone who may be running. Please avoid crossing the field area during training or competitions; again, for health and safety reasons, everyone should walk around the track or outside the perimeter fence.

How do I know which races I can take part in?

  • We encourage all DAC athletes to take part in club competitions and be proud to wear their DAC colours and represent their club. Details of competitions for DAC athletes are published on the club website. We also run a system of sign-up sheets at the clubhouse for upcoming competitions, and coaches will encourage athletes to take part. There is usually a programme of indoor sportshall athletics over the winter for u11-15 age groups, plus cross-country races for all ages; in the summer there is a full track and field programme for all ages. There is no entry fee for DAC athletes to take part in events that the club enters. In addition, there are open events in summer and in winter (indoors) that athletes may wish to take part in; there will be an entry fee for these. If you are interested in any competitions, please speak to your coach.

How do I know what age group I am in or my child is in?

  • Age groups for the summer track and field season follow school years:
    • U11 = year 4 and 5 (athletes need to be at least nine years old on competition day)
    • U13 = year 6 and 7
    • U15 = year 8 and 9
    • U17 = year 10 and 11
    • U20 = year 12 and 13 (and the following year as well if the athlete is born in January or later)
  • For the winter season of cross country and indoor sportshall, age groups are the same as the previous summer (so an athlete in year 6 will be U11 for the winter season, and then U13 for the summer season).

How do I sign up for a competition?

  • Sign-up sheets for competitions are available at Moorways in the weeks before an event. Athletes can also speak directly to their coach to indicate that they are available to compete. Some events (especially those for younger athletes) are open to as many athletes as are interested; others have a limit of two athletes per event, so a selection process may be needed if more athletes are interested in competing. When this happens, the club tries to give all available athletes a chance to take part in the competition, perhaps as a non-scoring competitor or in a slightly different event if appropriate.

When should I wear my club vest?

  • Your club vest, crop top or (for Junior Induction Group members) T-shirt should always be worn when you compete for the club. You may also choose to wear it if you compete at an open event – please check the athlete information for any open event to see what kit is acceptable. You may also wear your club kit for training if you choose to do so.

Whom do I contact if I can’t make it to a training session?

  • It’s helpful to let your coach know if you cannot make it to training. Many groups have a WhatsApp group for athletes and coach.

How do I transfer from another club?

How soon after joining can I compete in competitions? 

  • As soon as an athlete is registered with England Athletics and has paid their club membership fee, they are eligible to compete.

What if I don’t know which discipline I want to specialise in?

  • Our junior section offers coaching in all disciplines to help athletes see where their strengths lie and what they enjoy. Older athletes (U17 upwards) generally know which discipline they prefer, but if you are not sure, we may be able to arrange sessions with different coaching groups to help you to decide. Please speak to your coach about this.

How do I pay for my membership fee?

  • You will receive a payment link from England Athletics by email. Please follow the instructions in the email.

Why do I need to complete a membership form every year?

  • We ask that all athletes complete a membership form each year to check and confirm any details and make sure we have the most up-to-date contact information.

What benefits do I gain from England Athletics membership?