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Welcome to Derby Athletic ClubMoorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY Correspondence to: Moorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY

Derby AC needs a new treasurer – could it be you?

A message to the club from the current treasurer:

‘Dear Derby AC,

Dave Beedie, Treasurer here. This is an appeal to everyone who thinks they may be interested in becoming Treasurer to please contact me, Club Chairman Karl or Admin Officer Alex. Before the last AGM in March, I announced my intention to stand down as Derby AC Treasurer after doing one more year. So the club needs to find a new treasurer, ideally in the next month or so in order to enable a gradual handover before the next AGM.

Being Treasurer is not as hard as you might think. You don’t need previous experience – the main things that are needed are a head for figures and a willingness to manage them, either on paper or in a spreadsheet. I stepped into the role in the summer of 2014 when it had been vacant since the summer of 2013. My daughter Florence had joined the club in 2012, I knew the previous treasurer had left in 2013 and I figured I could help out. I am an engineer by training and profession and I had had no experience in managing money before becoming treasurer. The Chairman had been an engineer, too, in his working life, so I suppose he could see it might work. Engineers have to be numerate and we tend to be finicky about detail! The club has had no financial disasters, or even any dramas to speak of, touch wood, in the last seven years and on average I spend an hour or two per week paying bills and dealing with arisings – less time than many Derby AC parents spend each week in Moorways stadium waiting to take their little or not so little ones home. I prepare an accounts update every quarter and write a few notes about it for the committee. I present the full year accounts at the AGM.

The Treasurer is one of the signatories to the club’s two current accounts but that is not much different from managing a personal bank account. The main club account operates by dual signing, so that the Treasurer does not have sole responsibility. But as Treasurer you’d be at the heart of the club. You’d keep in contact with the Membership Officer and the Catering Officer, as they look after the club’s main income streams, as well as the Kit Officer, the Competitions Officer, the Facilities Officer and the other officers including last but not least the Chairman.

England Athletics is recommending that all clubs consider their legal status, and the committee may at some point recommend to the membership a change of the club from unincorporated to limited company status, in which case I think the Treasurer will work with an accountant on annual accounts submissions to Companies House. I expect this in turn would simplify the accounts and make the Treasurer’s life easier, not harder.

The reward is knowing you’re doing an essential role in a great club. I confined my activities mainly to paying bills and keeping the accounts, but the Treasurer could have a broader role if they were inclined, and would be ideally placed to develop, for example club marketing and promotion, membership statistics, or performance statistics.  Members of the committee are all volunteers, so you only take on as much as you want. I will transfer all accounts documents and emails going back to 2013 to the incoming Treasurer. If you’re much younger than me it might even be important that ‘Club Treasurer’ appears on your CV. I will remain available for the foreseeable future to answer questions and help solve problems and without doubt Karl and the rest of the committee will support you absolutely while you find your feet.’

Many thanks from the club to David for all his hard work as Treasurer over the last seven years. If you think you would like to take on the role, please do not hesitate to contact Karl or Alex – or speak to any committee member on a DAC Club night.