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Welcome to Derby Athletic ClubMoorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY Correspondence to: Moorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY

Important Information For All Members

Please be aware that as from Thursday 5th January 2017 Lane 1 must not be used for training because of the extra wear and tear of this lane. This lane bears the brunt of usage for competitions and training. The funds are very tight and it is no good turning a blind eye to this.

The groundstaff have put boards out to prevent the use of Lane 1. Coaches and athletes who ignore this will be answerable to the Club’s Committee

The High Jump bed has been put away for the winter to save its possible damage during the winter months.

Derby City Council is planning to have the track washed and cleaned during the week commencing 23rd January (weather permitting) and there will be an annual Independent Safety Inspection on Monday 16th January. The latter should not affect the Club in any way.

However, during the Christmas holidays while the track & field facilities were locked a member of the Club decided to use the track and when taken to task by the groundsman he was rude and abusive towards the DCC employee. Derby AC does not own the track – the Club rents it from DCC. The individual will be contacted by the Committee and asked to explain his response. The matter may not rest there!

Please remember that the Club relies upon DCC more than DCC relies upon the Club. Behind the scenes there may be delicate negotiations taking place and an incident such as this could set-back the Club’s progress and position within Derby. Sometimes politeness and pleasantness will be more beneficial than ranting and raving.

Barry Parker