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Welcome to Derby Athletic ClubMoorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY Correspondence to: Moorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY

What Does My Membership Include?

Being a member of Derby Athletic Club has many benefits and below are just some of the things you get for your membership and some of the ways we spend your fees:

Some of the things included with your membership:

  • Access to coaching
  • The use of facilities on Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings – the use of the track and throwing areas at these times is exclusively available to paid-up members of Derby Athletic Club.
  • The ability to compete for Derby AC in league competitions at no extra cost.
  • A EA license with your personal URN which means you can compete in open and league competitions.
  • The use of our clubhouse including the weights room under supervision of a coach.

Some of the things we use your membership fees for:

  • Inclusive use of Moorways track on Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.
  • The ability to gain coaching from our specialist coaches.
  • Entry fees into club league competitions.
  • Improving club facilities.
  • Purchasing new equipment to help with athlete development.