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Welcome to Derby Athletic ClubMoorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY Correspondence to: Moorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY

How to join

Interested in joining Derby Athletic Club?

We are an inclusive club with members aged eight and upwards. We have a range of training groups including sprints, middle-distance running and field events. There may be a waiting list to join some groups, but we always do our best to accommodate anyone who is enthusiastic and wants to train.

Junior Induction Group – athletes aged eight upwards

The induction group offers experience of and rotation of track and field events, giving young athletes the chance to find out and develop their strengths before specialising as they move into a senior group. Athletes must be nine years old to compete. We are not currently accepting new members of the Junior Induction Group.

Intermediate, senior and elite athletes – from U13 upwards

We run training groups specialising in disciplines including sprint, middle and long distance, jumps, throws and multi events.

Competition age groups correspond to school years:

  • U11 – years 4 and 5
  • U13 – years 6 and 7
  • U15 – years 8 and 9
  • U17 – years 10 and 11
  • U20 – years 12 and 13 – and the following year if the athlete’s birthday is January or later
  • U23 – athletes who are 20 to 22 on 31 December in the year of competition
  • Athletes over 22 compete as Seniors
  • Masters are athletes 35 and over – competing in age categories

Training is at Moorways Stadium on Tuesday and Thursday nights and also on Sunday mornings by arrangement with coaches, typically from 6pm, but times vary by specific group. Additional training at the weekends is held as required by the training group.

Training is on the Moorways track and field areas, and also on cross country courses and roads around Moorways. Groups also hold strength, flexibility and technique sessions, outside in the summer and in the clubhouse in winter.  

Interested in joining a training group?

We ask you first to come to a trial session to make sure you are matched to the right training group. Trial sessions cost £5, to cover UK Athletics club insurance. Please email for more details. You will join a training session and meet coaches and members of the training group. Training typically includes warm-up, training session focusing to the needs of the group, with drills, technique and strength work, and cool-down.

If you decide to join Derby Athletic Club, you need to complete the membership form and pay the annual membership fee. Our membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March. If you are joining after 1 April, the membership fee is pro-rata from the full fee.

Looking to change club?

If you wanting to join Derby Athletic Club and are a registered athlete with another athletic club, there is a specific England Athletics process to follow.