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Carson Cup

Carson Cup Handicap Race – Tuesday 17th July 2018

Register by signing onto the ‘Carson Cup’ Signing sheet located in the Stand area. Race start 18.45 Hours with registration from 17.30 Hours to 18.30 Hours to collect your race numbers. The race will be approximately 2.5 miles (two lap circuit), held completely within the Moorways ground complex with the course held mostly on grass with a number of tarmac road crossings. The course will be clearly marked and marshalled with the Club Tent used as the Start and Finish located next to the Track Stadium Stand.

The Carson Cup is free and open to all club members and guests over the age of 9 years.
Trophies will be presented to: ​

First to finish – Carson Cup (2017 Winner S Haste)
​​​​​​​Fastest Female – (2017 Winner V Wills)
​​​​​​​Fastest Male – (2017 Winner H Milner)
​​​​​​​Fastest Under 15G – (2017 Winner P Mead)
​​​​​​​Fastest Under 15B – (2017 Winner S Jamieson)

The Carson Cup Handicap Race has been held by the club annually for many years with some great names from the past competing. Traditionally a road race in held over the Easter period racing around the streets of Allenton. But recent years has seen support and interest in this historic club event decline.
The club reinvigorated the Carson Cup in 2017 to make it more attractive to our members. In moving the event to a club training night when a lot of members are around, take the course off the streets and house the course within the Moorways grounds to eliminate safety concerns, hold the race further into Spring/summer for hopefully drier conditions under foot.
What is a ‘Handicap Race’ (For those who don’t know) All athletes are seeded based upon their distance running capability and will be given a time handicap e.g. the faster you are the less favourable time handicap you get, if you are not fast you get a favourable handicap time, basically a head start over the faster athletes (if you are the fastest seeded athlete you start last).
Each athlete is called to the start line based on where they are handicapped (So listen out for your name) and race around the course and the Handicap winner is the first person across the finish line regardless of time. In theory if the ‘Handicap’ has been worked out correctly every athlete should all finish at the same time, but trust me as fair as it will be this scenario won’t happen and the fastest runners don’t always win so everybody has a chance of winning.
This was a great event last year, it’s a different format of racing and gives everyone a chance of doing well. The aim of the event is to make it competitive but in a fun and enjoyable way.